Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Metro Charter already set the Fairgrounds specifically apart from other public property

CM Emily Evans responds to constituent questions about the Fairgrounds referendum at her blog:

Some have raised the rather specious argument that the question of the Fairgrounds does not rise to a level of importance necessary for inclusion in the Metro Charter. They are, of course, ignoring the fact that the reason we have a State Fair in the first place is because we are directed to do so by the Metro Charter.

Compare this to a quote that Dean supporter and McNeely Pigott & Fox spinmeister Katy Varney attributed to the son of a Metro Charter architect:

The charter was not set up to address specific issues, but rather it is the overarching instrument that sets forth the process by which decisions are made by our elected officials ....

Regardless of how we feel about the future of the fairgrounds, it is a mistake to change the charter to apply rules to one place that are not in place for any other Metro property.

Given that the Metro Charter as drafted already made specific exceptions for the Fairgrounds that it does not make for other Metro property, how is it inconsistent with the Metro Charter to amend further exceptions for the Fairgrounds into the charter? Distracting us from the merits of the Fairground referendum with a logical fallacy like an argument from authority is not just bad form, but Varney's appeal is also undermined by her own authority's argument, which is itself inaccurate at best, deceptive at worst.


  1. Katy Varney wears those creepy, Sarah Palin eye-glasses, that everybody seems to wear these days.

    They are the eye-glasses that SO many people wear as an attempt to "pump up" their IQ level.(You know what I'm saying -- people who can't even speak the King's English wear such eye-glasses these days. When you first see them, they look smart. When they open their wanna run).

    Such eye-glasses are typical in the public relations, advertising and used, Euro-car dealership worlds.

    To take my fashion critique a step further: she pays way too much for her hair-cut.

    And she wears cheap clothing (just check the investigative reports on Channel 4, or the photo of her in the on-line Tennessean editorial she made with regards to the ratification vote). Even worse, her clothes are ill-fitting.

    I guess my point is:

    Kate Varney is NOT that smart. And she is NOT much of a professional (otherwise, she'd learn how to style herself).

    Hey, but in Nashville, you can be half-assed and make it.

    If this were any other Top 40 city, she'd be featured in the "BAD FASHION" section of the local alternative weekly. (It's too bad we don't have one any more).

    And if this were Washington, D.C., Roll Call (a big political rag, for those of you who don't know), would call her out for being absolutely full of shit.

    This woman will never get a job outside of public relations or politics. And it will never be a job any bigger than what goes on here in Nashville.

    That is one of the problems in this town.

    No-talent people like Varney are enabled by the political and PR establishment to just hang on.

    That is one reason she is chair of the fairgrounds board.

    (What else can she do?)

    Yes, Dean put her on the board in order to have his way and push his agenda. But if she were smart, she would have said, "NO."

    She did not.

    She is an opportunist, with little opportunity besides being a public relation schmuck in Nashville.

    (Kate, keep wearing those glasses. It's about all you have going for you).

  2. Please tell me why Emily Evans doesn't have her act together...I dont live in her district,but Ive noticed she's a smart woman!Why ,but why, didnt we listen to her concerns about a non essential project called the Convention Center..By the way ,it's going to be tens of millions over budget after the legal matters(eminent domain)are settled..Another thing ,she was right about the Fairgrounds issue,too However,Ms.Evans does have a very bad habit of confusing her critics with the relevant facts,as noted in this piece..I suppose,its just an innate abilty she clearly possesses~

  3. Anonymous - you come off worse than Kate Varney with that post. I might have to change my screen name.

  4. Emily Evans wouldn't be caught at the state fair after the sun goes down unless she was walked back to her car by the Metro Swat Team.

  5. I have been to every state fair since 1994. In daylight and in dark.

  6. Emily Evans can hold her own in Belle Meade and on Nolensville Rd. She is a Nashville gal 100%. If she decides to run for mayor, she has my vote and a bunch of my friends too!!

  7. I'm talking about the State Fair(title only) in Nashville not Wilson County or Williamson County fairs. Maybe you re confused. Did you attend the State Fair when the shooting happened back around 2004? If you care so much about the fairgrounds how many fair board meetings have you been to dating back to 1994? How many hours since 1994 have you volunteered at the State Fair? The only council person that I'm aware of that really cares about the fairgrounds property is Tim Garrett which he is getting a dose of reality because the fairgrounds supporters are not supporting him over others like Crafton and Jakes. It sounds like to me you are trying to ride the save my fairgrounds wave all the way to the 2015 Mayoral race. A lot can happen in 4 years so I wouldn't hang my hat on saving the state fairgrounds property status quo.

  8. Is Kate Varney related to Jim Varney?

    Somehow, I think not, but correct me if I'm wrong.

    Here's a link to a classic "VERN" Purity Milk spot: