Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mayor Dean crashes and cashes lowly district races to make Metro Council comply

Re-elect Karl Dean is working hard to shield the Mayor's Office from the embarrassing opposition he faced from council members late last term. They brought the Mayor right down the low road of at least 3 district campaign fights where CMs didn't comply with King Karl 100% of the time. Dean usually projects the high road, but this time he is wading right into the fray. Consequently, he looks a little desperate and like he is pining for votes that he cannot muster himself regardless of who sits on the council.

Fliers that Hizzoner has mailed so far:

Sarah Lodge Tally, paid for by Re-elect Karl Dean

Dean would have his way with West Nashville via a fellow blue-blood brahmin.

Page Turner, paid for by Re-elect Karl Dean

Omitted: "the Mayor ignored the Antioch community task force"

Tanaka Vercher, paid for by Re-elect Karl Dean

He tried to help Antioch by forcing a flea market they didn't want.

Any other Dean mailers out there for district candidates?


  1. What do Sarah Lodge Tally and Karl Dean know about public education? His kids go to private school and she is a Harpeth Hall graduate.

    Neither one of them could survive 15 minutes in a public school.

    King Karl needs to understand that he is mayor of more than just the rich people. The regular people are paying his salary and funding his crappy projects with their tax money. Some of these people don't even have money for groceries.

    He is clueless and a bully!

  2. I was told the following by a Nashville business leader who participated in Leadership Nashville with Karl Dean (The link to Leadership Nashville is at the bottom of this comment).

    In short, Leadership Nashville is a group who invites local business leaders to take part in an intensive series of work-shops, designed to bring up and coming business leaders together and give them some hands-on and unique experiences. It is a (somewhat) exclusive and professional-oriented organization.

    I have heard good things about it. It's very hands-on and it gets you face-to-face with all sorts of people. I

    I'm not sure how people get invited, but I've met quite a variety of people who have taken part (there is a Music version as well).

    That all said:

    The gentleman I am referring to, took part in this with Karl Dean. And because of the nature of the program, he got to know Karl (as well as all the other folks in it), pretty darn well.

    Folks in this program get to know each other well enough that they will take each others phone calls after long after going through this program together.

    Anyway, the person who told me this story was pro-fairgrounds and approached Dean at a function(after Dean announced he wanted to tear it down) and basically said, "Karl, I help people hold events at the fairgrounds. It's part of what I do. It's really an important venue for the city."

    Karl basically said, "They can hold their events at the convention center." Then he walked away.

    Events at the fairgrounds (dog shows, craft shows, etc.)cost about $1,500 per day. Events at the convention center cost about $15,000 per day.

    The person who told me this has considerable standing in the business community (otherwise, he would have never been invited to Leadership Nashville).

    This person was pretty much shocked at Dean's arrogance.

    This person is now on Dean's "Shit List."

    This is not the first I have heard of this (either you're with Dean, or you are on his shit list).

    It's time for people to speak up.

    You all know who you are.

    Talk to each other. Let Dean know what you think.

    Dean is a menace to Nashville.

    By the way, I am a graduate of Vanderbilt's Owen school. So, I know lots of folks in the business community.

    Here is the link to Leadership Nashville: