Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Canadians send emails of thanks to Metro Council for end of IQT plan

From Ontario:

Your support for the IQT workers in Canada is overwhelming. Though I am not personally affected, I am appreciative nonetheless.

I can only reciprocate in kind by visiting as a tourist and will make a point of doing so.

Thank you again!

From Nova Scotia:

I read today in a Canadian paper that Nashville has canceled their grant of 1.6 million to IQT Solutions to create 900 jobs, and that this was in response to leaving 1000-1400 Canadian workers without their pay, vacation pay (required by law) and notice or severance pay. (also required by law). Bravo for worrying about the protection of your workers, and putting people first.

I am not personally affected, I live in Nova Scotia (we hang out here in the north Atlantic but it is BEAUTIFUL here and you are never more than 50 miles from the ocean), far from the locations where the workers are. . . but wanted you to know that this made me want to put Nashville in my travel plans. I will be avoiding Arizona and Wisconsin and visiting Nashville!

I can tell you that people noticed - thanks a lot for standing up for the "people", for the workers, and supporting each other - I am sure that this behavior demonstrated the type of company that IQT is, and made you think twice about doing business with them - but it still feels good to have the support. You could have just taken the jobs and said -- too bad to Canadian Workers.

So I just thought that I would send this little note of support to the City Nashville - thanks a lot.

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  1. On the local news this evening, Dean is spinning this thing like he put the "big stop" on the deal.

    What a friggin' joke.

    This deal didn't happen because the company was corrupt and it finally got caught up in its own mess.

    Just Google it and dig back a few pages and investigate a bit -- you'll see the writing on the wall that the Mayor's office should have caught.

    The e-mails forwarded to Enclave (and displayed above) likely came from council members who are on Dean's side. They are obviously doing their part to make Dean look like the "Big Daddy" in regards to this matter.

    I guarantee you, that Dean and his staff spent several hours late last night and early this morning figuring out how to spin this.

    (McNeely, Piggott and Fox probably got over-time.)

    Again, Dean is spending our time and tax dollars on his image and his run for governor or the U.S. Senate.

    If Dean had any balls, we would have seen him on camera, just telling the truth about this fiasco.

    I can respect a man who makes mistakes and admits them. But constantly covering your ass with BS shows me you're full of it.