Friday, July 29, 2011

Miffed East Nashville residents, jilted by Kroger, risk accusation of "class war" by the pinheads

When it comes to the class-based prejudices of wealth, some things never change:

Green Hills Kroger customers have applauded improved features such as a meat grilling station, beverage center and expanded seating area for Wi-Fi access, but Eastland Kroger customers view the upgrades to the grocery in one of the wealthiest parts of town as an insult.

“Kroger should make more of an investment in this thriving neighborhood,” said Elizabeth Bush, who lives on Woodland Street. “They have a vast group of folks who would shop there if they would fix the store. It doesn’t matter what your income is, you deserve fresh food” ....

The minor projects at East Nashville-area grocers still do not compete with the $1 million project that will be unveiled in a re-grand opening at the Abbott Martin Road location today, said District 6 Councilman Mike Jameson. The enduring issues with customer service, cleanliness and limited food options continue to keep a growing number of East Nashvillians away from their neighborhood store.

If East Nashville cannot siphon the channels of wealth flowing to West Nashville, economically diverse North Nashville is even farther out of the loop.


  1. This is an odd title and post.

    I get that you think that North Nashville is probably last in line after West and East (no talk of South) in getting nicer/fancier stores.

    But, who are the pinheads, and where is the class war?


    For years, the Belle Meade Kroger around Harding and White Bridge was a dump. I think that they actively recruited unqualified workers. Publix came. Harris Teeter came. And, BM Kroger got redone.

    Someone in the article said that there's an opportunity in East Nashville that Kroger isn't taking. Let's hope that's true.

  2. I like the new Kroger off Abbott Martin. I also go to the one off 8th, but the selection there is not as good as the one in Green Hills. I think that the richer areas spend more money and therefore can have more selection, updating, etc.