Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Second December Data Breach in Metro Government on Karl Dean's Watch

For the second December running since Mayor Karl Dean took office, a privately-held company contracting with Metro government has failed to protect the social security numbers and other identity information of large numbers of Nashvillians. December 2007 saw the break in and theft of Metro Election Commission computers due to a lax security contractor. December 2008 saw the public disclosure on search engines of Metro public school student and parent information due to the failure of the private consulting firm, Public Consulting Group.

I wonder what we have to look forward to in December 2009? And when is Metro government going to stop privatizing the oversight of sensitive information and start implementing its own security measures? Can we ever feel any modicum of security with the current administration running the show?

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  1. The premise of your writing is wrong. The contract was between PCG and the State Department of Education, not Metro.