Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Further Indication That the Local Sports Media Sucks up to the Titans

Yesterday, I argued that the local TV sports reporters generally spoil the Titans instead of hitting them with hard and searching journalism. A comment from former Titans player Justin Harwig in this morning's Nashville City Paper seems to further support my contention of the media's kid-glove approach:
When I was there with [Albert Haynesworth], people in the media would always write stuff about how he had matured and everything, and I would see that and I would just laugh, because I knew he was still the same old guy.
Hartwig is one of those guys who has experienced the business end of Haynesworth's hooligan kicks while laying on the ground.

One is bound to ask: at what point does the local media bear responsibility for enabling bad player behavior with unreasonably positive coverage instead of pounding players and coaches with critical questions about losing and about lapses of character?

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