Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Day Dawns Oktoberfest

This morning I got up early and dug my 1 liter Paulaner Oktoberfest beer stein out its year-long hibernation and walked down to Morgan Park. While dawn is too early to drink beer (no cracks from the peanut gallery about it never being too early to drink beer!), I did want to welcome this day in the very place where Germantown's great festive ode to the German imbibing tradition began: on hollowed ground that 100 years ago was Nashville's Beer Garden. Morgan Park was founded in 1909 after the city's Park Board purchased Germantown resident Frederick Laitenberger's German Beer Garden, which had occupied the site for some time. In a place where 100 years ago people were imbibing, forgetting their troubles and generally celebrating life, I wanted to welcome this day with an empty stein, anticipating the fullness yet to come.

So, Prost! and Zum Wohl! to you all; and to those who come this way, enjoy Germantown's Oktoberfest!

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