Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bob Corker Endorses Wilson County School's Promotion of Christianity

Originally published at Free Tennessee:

According to today's Knoxville News Sentinel:

Corker also stopped in Wilson County, just east of Nashville, to support an elementary school that faces a lawsuit for allowing a group called Praying Parents to meet there.

"I think any school would be so pleased to have parents who gather once a month - not in the presence of students - praying to give the faculty and students strength and guidance," Corker said.

"We all know the strength that comes from prayer; I pray 10-12 times a day on the campaign trail," Corker said.

The article does not say whether Corker also supported the Praying Parents' practice of passing out pamphlets to pupils informing them of which ones where being prayed for. Nor does it specify whether Corker approves of Lakeview School's active promotion of Christian prayers at the flag pole.

Local TV coverage of the Lakeview contoversy can be found here.

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