Thursday, October 26, 2006

Note to the Religious Right: Greed Abounds Everywhere

In the current Wilson Co. flap over school administrators allegedly promoting Christianity to students, we keep hearing supporters arguing that the ACLU "sees dollar signs" and is taking the case only for the money, in spite of the appearance of proselytizing at Lakeview Elementary. If the allegations that administrators are promoting evangelical Christian prayers at the flag pole and that parent groups are distributing Christian flyers to students are true, then the ACLU has a case no matter how much they would stand to get paid for taking it. Wilson Co. Schools seems to have opened that door (let's not forget their Christian New Testament giveaways in Lebanon schools).

But why impugn the motives of ACLU lawyers with greed? We could apply the same flawed logic to Christian ministers who support Wilson Co.'s establishment of religion: they see dollar signs and tax-sheltered or free housing in the ministerial profession. I don't see lawyers going into the much maligned ACLU doing so for the money (especially when they could make more as corporate lawyers), no more than I see teachers going into teaching for the money. Money may be a motivating factor for some, but in the case of the ACLU, you're going to have to demonstrate clearly with more than just rumor and urban myth that it advances beyond exception.

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  1. The christian taliban are only tolerant of their brand of religion.God forbid, a catholic or jew or muslim would care to share their spiitualality in such a public way.I,m glad the facade is cracking,and we can really see the true nature of the least christians among us."The Right" is wrong,its only a plot to control and RULE,all of us.Those who believe in our Constitution and freedom,must fight this evil scheme.History has proven that Theocracies have been totally destructive to the citizens and caused centuries of war and desolation.To save our country,we must vote these egomaniacs out! Stand up for all,not the privilaged few,elite and wealthy and WASP.