Monday, October 16, 2006

Lunch with David Briley

I had lunch down at the Downtown Arcade this morning/afternoon with declared vice mayoral candidate and at-large council member David Briley. This is one of a number of meetings that Mr. Briley is having with individuals across the community. Our conversation--on a wide array of subjects from our children to what I wanted from Metro government to ideas for single-family, high-density developments for the Jefferson Street corridor--was engaging and enlightening for me. I learned quite a bit about local political dynamics and the various personalities who make up the leadership core of our community. He also told me that he is definitely considering a run for the Mayor's Office in 2007. After our chat, I can tell you that should he jump in with both feet, I would no longer be leaning to support him. In the churn of my feelings about the 2007 mayoral field, the prospect of "Mayor Briley" now rises to the top. Our meeting confirmed my previous impressions that he is an intelligent leader who would make a capable Mayor. What did I learn that surpassed my previous impressions? That he has a strong commitment to working, if elected Mayor, with council members to generate a functional and less fractious Metro Council. While that would leave less fodder for gad-fly, hyper-local blogs, it would definitely be better for Nashville.

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