Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Speaking of Water ...

One of the plans for the development of the Neuhoff Complex in East Germantown includes establishing an "International Center for Living Watersheds." According to the Neil M. Denari Architects:
The mission of the Water Center is to educate the public about how the precious element of water is collected, used, and often wasted in our contemporary world. Founded by the Cumberland River Compact and sited at the Neuhoff Development north of downtown Nashville, the H2O Center is a living model reflecting the scapes of both the natural and built environments. As a visitors and educational center, the programs include exhibition spaces, a 100 seat lecture hall, offices, a riverfront caf�library [café/library?], and a store for selling merchandise related to the phenomena of water and urban ecologies.

But most importantly, the green roof and it soft undulating geometry literally captures rain water to irrigate the rooftop plant material and to channel water into various pools and small wetland ponds. The low profile building allows the visitor to reflect on the runoff, recycling, reclamation, and consumption of water. Even during dry times, the building circulates both gray and clean water around the interior and exterior spaces, creating a descriptive process of how water moves and is collected.

2016 UPDATE: this got picked up by the Nashville Urban Design Program.

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  1. Is it me or does this design look like a rooftop putt-putt course?