Monday, June 02, 2008

He Should Stick to Writing about Real Estate

Richard Lawson fancies himself an ESPN analyst this morning:
There’s at least one fan of the lousy Texas Rangers.
After a rocky start, the Rangers have won 22 of their last 35 games and set a team record for wins in May. Only the Toronto Blue Jays have more May wins. Texas is playing a respectable .500 baseball right now, ahead of 5 other teams in the AL, including the Detroit Tigers, whom Lawson also mentions in the piece without reference to pejorative labels. Lawson also mentions the NY Yankees, who are also playing .500 ball at the moment.

And I've met at least two other Texas fans here in Nashville.

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  1. For whatever reason this blog post came in my google alerts. I missed the post this summer. But, I was correct on the Rangers. 21 games back and under .500. They played that way for much of the summer. And the Yankees, though above .500, won't make the playoffs while Tampa Bay continue a stellar year. The Rangers make a habit of playing OK then tanking. I was correct in that they are lousy.