Wednesday, June 03, 2009

MOON Cat on the MAC Move

Brady Banks at the Mayor's Office of Neighborhoods (MOON) responded to my request for more info on why the long-planned move of the Metro Action Commission was cancelled in favor of another department. MOON left me a voice mail at 4:00 on my home phone last Friday with the message that I had until 5:00 (MOON's closing) to call back for the info, but after that Brady would be on a week-long vacation.  I got home last Friday and retrieved the message at 6:00. That's a bad MOON rising.

I already said that I wasn't expecting much from MOON given the Mayor's anemic leadership on neighborhoods. And I'm not expecting to see Brady or any other MOON cat at tonight's meeting between Salemtown leaders, MAC, MDHA and MC Erica Gilmore, even though the decision in the Mayor's Office to reverse a previous decision to end MAC's occupation of Salemtown's Fehr school building seems to be a cause of neighborhood turmoil.

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