Thursday, June 11, 2009

Metro Lobbyist Joe Hall Won't Answer Direct Questions About Bells Bend Archaeology

We've seen Joe Hall of Hall Strategies on the wrong side of politics before. So, it's no surprise to learn that he is doing the bidding of the May Town Center development team and shielding them from charges of insensitivity toward the archaeological record of Bells Bend.

Try as she might Betsy Phillips is unable to convince former journalist Hall to divulge who conducted the archaeological study that he insists MTC developers have. He appears resistant to being transparent and forthcoming with details. Likewise, there is an impasse between Hall's words and those of the state archaeologist who already reported that no one with the MTC team has contacted his office to conduct surveys.

It would be quite natural to choose the word of an archaeologist over a lobbyist, but Betsy advances her own hypothesis on who did the surveys and when they were actually conducted.


  1. Oh, I hope it's obvious from my post that I take the word of the State Archaeologist. If he says they haven't done a study of that land for the current developers, I believe him. He's got no reason to lie.

    But I also know that he's aware of 60 sites throughout the Bend, so some surveying has obviously been done out there.

    I hope it doesn't seem like I doubt him, because I don't at all. I found him to be incredibly helpful, truthful, and forthcoming.

  2. A historical dig site is just that, recorded history. The best I know it does not change, grow, move or new one appear. Yes, one might have been missed, but that would only be natural to happen less it be me or a veteran.
    I could make my own hypothesis if I wanted to. To make one to fuel the fire of people wanted to be fed is poor writing.

  3. So, anonymous, are you saying that YOU did the survey? And, if so, then please, come forward with your name. I'd love to talk to you on the record about how you went about it and when.

  4. This is a good example of what it means to zero in on one word or a part of text and run with it.
    No, I did not do the survey, but know that some have been done. I actually live in the Bend and know a little of what goes on around me. Not trying to be snide but just making a point. Knowing that the archeaologist had knowledge of 60 sites would have satisfied me more than it would have you. If he thought it ABSOLUTELY necessary to go out there AGAIN and do more work I hope he would have. Not to say there might not be something more there, but that somettimes comes along with grading work.
    Let us remember that Bells Bend has only remained the same over decades because of no bridge, not because it originally wanted to. Years ago residents wanted the city services like other regions of town which would have meant a more developed area.

  5. I wish I had a dollar for every anonymous commenter that claimed they were directly associated with the issue I was posting about.

  6. Hmm. Hughes Network Systems of Maryland.

  7. "I wish I had a dollar......"

    S-townMike, this is one comment I sure do agree with you on since I do actually live here, the Bend.

    Actually, I would take 2 bits for every article or comment made on this site by people who talk about my neighborhood and its' history and have never been here.

  8. I wish I had 2 bits for everytime a blogger questioned my residence.