Wednesday, June 03, 2009

If Salemtown's Old School Building is the "Central Kitchen," Why Would the Mayor Upgrade Anywhere Else?

More indications from Metro Action Commission exec Cynthia Croom's May 23 letter to CM Erica Gilmore that the Mayor's Capital Improvement Plan already assumes Salemtown as the "improvement" site even though his bill seems noncommittal:
Given that [the Fehr school] building is also the location of our central kitchen that prepares over 4500 meals daily to go to the seven other Head Start location, we try to assure that all the food trucks (8) we own remain in the back as well as the buses that pick-up and drop off children that are housed at this location (6) remain to the rear of the building.
I just don't see how Metro can build a new kitchen at Fehr school and keep other social services housed in Salemtown without making 5th and Garfield a major choke point (don't forget that Metro Water Services at 3rd and Garfield uses Garfield as a primary entrance and exit point). And there is still the matter of the impact of design and placement of a new facility at the historical structure.

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  1. Mike, my appologies for not being able to attend last nights meeting but I had other commitments previously planned and had absolutely not enough time to reschedule. Given where this seems to be heading, I think it is imperative we solicit some input and guidance from the Metro Historical Commission. This building and its historical significance deserves some discussion before just slapping up a new kitchen on the back end of the building. Should the SNNA make contact?