Sunday, June 14, 2009

CRIME ALERT: Burglary in Germantown

This morning around 1:00 a Salemtown neighbor walking his dog told me that a Germantown home on the 1400 block of 5th Av N had been burglarized according to police on the crime scene. Reportedly, the burglar broke through a window to enter the house. Police have not provided any details or descriptions of the suspect(s) to the community.

UPDATE: From the Police to Historic Germantown, Inc. via the Salemtown Neighbors e-mail list:

On Saturday June 13, during the afternoon or evening, a burglar broke in to 1410 5th Avenue North while the residents were away from home. The thief stole many items, including electronics such as televisions and computers, and gained entry through a window at the back of the house which could not been seen from the street.

The intruder broke the window glass and apparently was cut, as blood was found at the scene. The Police CSI unit took blood samples and is checking for a match. No other information is available at this time.

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  1. This was posted on a social network site used in Hope Gardens. I thought it might be help to get the word out to other neighborhoods downtown of the descriptions. -Ben

    Crime in the Ireland 28 portion of the neighborhood has gotten out of hand. There have been 2 break-ins in the last week and a few more in the past few months. The criminals have been diligently casing units and taking notes. The police have been called on mulitiple occasions for suspicious characters at varies times during the day. In fact they have been called everyday since Saturday this week.

    The criminals seem interested in stealing TV's more than any thing else and have developed a quick in and out method of breaking into our units here. The break-ins have occurred primarily in broad daylight while people are at work.

    I actually interrupted the break-in yesterday as I had gone out onto the front porch during the lunch hour. I saw two african - american males, one climbing through the planting beds, the other in the gettaway car. I yelled at them and they fled. Greg and I walked down to find an open window. When the homeowner arrived his tv was gone however their tool of choice was still inside. Obviously the second criminal was going back in to "get another load" The car was facing me so I was not able to get a tag number but the car was an 1989-1992 model oldsmobile cutlass. It was burgandy in color. The guy I got the better look at was stocky maybe 5-8 to 5-10 and little chubby around the mid section. Both bad guys were wearing a red shirts. After talking to other Ireland 28 residents it seems that red is a consistent detail in most but not all instances, however, there have been several different descriptions of the individuals. Obviously there are more than two bad guys.

    The police have been called each time and took fingerprints yesterday. In talking with them no violence has been committed during the robberies in the past few weeks but the criminals have been hitting Germantown, Salemtown and now Hope Gardens consistently with the same MO. IF YOU NOTICE ANY ONE ACTING SUSPICIOUSLY CALL THE POLICE!!! Lets try and get these guys behind bars before they walk in on someone during the day or someone gets hurt.