Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cutting Through Developer BS

Betsy Phillips turns the May Town Center marketing team's evasiveness against them:
How can anyone in the city have any kind of real discussion with you guys in the face of [the deception of the MTC zoning application]? We can't talk about real costs, because no one knows how much money it will take to dig up the archaeological sites that might be present under the MTC footprint, because y'all don't know what archaeological sites are there, no matter how much you misrepresent Ms. [Zeda] Law's work [to survey modestly smaller Bells Bend properties in 2005].

This also means that your estimates of when MTC would be done are also just numbers you're pulling out of your butt. You haven't even begun to estimate how many bodies might be under the MTC site and what it's going to cost you in terms of time or money to go to court and get permission to move them and then the costs associated with moving them or how long those kinds of projects might take.

At this point, I don't even see how people who support development in the Bend aren't nervous about working with y'all.

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  1. Actually, she clearly did no such thing. She was responding to me, not to anyone from the "May Town marketing team." As I told her, I have nothing to do with that development.

    Now that we've cleared that up, and since you posted Holleman's letter to constituents scaring them into thinking May Town would bring road widening projects to West Nashville, would you care to clarify that he was wrong? Perhaps deceptive and fear-mongering, knowing the traffic issue is a hot button when pushed? The same RPM report he quoted from clearly shows that the widening of I-40, Charlotte Pike and White Bridge Road, along with 400 other smaller projects, were already part of a long-range transportation plan prior to the May Town proposal. It also makes no recommendations that those projects be any bigger to acommodate MTC.