Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Salemtown Neighborhood Association Votes Unanimously to Oppose Any Changes to Streetscape Plan

Salemtown Neighbors voted unanimously at their Monday night business meeting to have President Freddie O'Connell write a letter of unqualified support for the Salemtown streetscape project, while rejecting any late changes demanded by the Metro Action Commission. The letter will be brought to Wednesday's meeting between neighborhood advisory committee members and MAC staffers. The meeting is sponsored by CM Erica Gilmore and MDHA as a "conflict resolution" session. The association is taking a clear, unequivocal stance that there is no compromise on the original design for the Salemtown streetscape. Let's hope that is strong enough for both CM Gilmore and MDHA to support us in order to complete the traffic calming installation on 5th Avenue that MAC interrupted and MDHA delayed.

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