Monday, June 08, 2009

Cooper Bucks the Blue Dogs?

From Mark Naccarato at Change that Works:
I have some REALLY big local news in the healthcare debate that happened over the weekend to tell you about.

Last Thursday, the Blue Dog Caucus (which includes Reps Cooper, Tanner, Gordon, and Davis) put out a statement that they would be against a public option plan unless it had a "trigger". I've attached some information on what the public option actually is and what the Blue Dogs said about a trigger. Suffice it to say, what the Blue Dogs said isn't surprising since many believe that the trigger is designed to give cover to conservative Democrats to vote for the President's plan while still staying in the good graces of their donors in the insurance, pharma, and healthcare industries.

What IS surprising is that Rep. Jim Cooper - at an OFA meeting at the TNDP headquarters in Nashville on Saturday - said that his "preferred position is to support Senator Chuck Schumer’s plan for the public option which has no trigger in it”. Here's ... Cooper saying it when I caught it all on video:

Let's be clear. If Cooper remains consistent with what he said on Saturday, he would seem to be at odds with the Blue Dog leadership. That's actually consistent with a rumor we are hearing from our DC office - that the Blue Dogs are not united against the public option. Cooper's statement is good news for our cause and it would be great if you could embed or link to this video. We need to make sure that we have Rep. Cooper on the record and that progressives, healthcare advocates (and the other TN Blue Dogs) all know that Cooper is standing with the President's core principles.

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  1. There are many experts who would beg to differ with Cooper's assessment. This isn't a compromise - it's an attack on a robust public option. for more info.