Friday, June 26, 2009

Council Member Awed by the Neighborhood Response to May Town Center Proposal

Blogging CM Emily Evans has observations about last night's Planning Commission public hearing on May Town Center:
There were people from Germantown, East Nashville, Donelson, Downtown, West Nashville, Bordeaux and Green Hills. In a real "pay it forward" moment, I listened to one Bordeaux resident tell me about how supportive the Scottsboro/Bells Bend neighbors had been in the fight against the landfill. Now it was his turn to help.

Folks came for all sorts of reasons. Some were concerned about the community planning process. Some wanted to fight for preservation of a beautiful rural landscape. Some had worries about the fiscal and community services impact.

In the end they made a policy statement of what we should be - a city that preserves its rural character and promotes its core - and what we should not - Cool Springs. One resident of the 23rd District has dubbed the policy NIMBY - Nashville Is My Back Yard.

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  1. Hermitage was there too.

    The Donelson-Hermitage Neighborhood Association is keeping our community up to date with the Bells Bend issue on our website

    We know what it feels like to have your Community Plan held up for development. That happened to us in 2004 and we did not come out on top. More than once, our community plan was ignored for development that many citizens strongly opposed.

    Standing up for your neighborhood alone isn't easy. DHNA believes that neighbors stand stronger when we stand together. Our board sent a letter to the MPC standing in support of the Bells Bend Community Plan the way it was created by the citizens that actually live there.

    After all, when one plan fails, what good are the others?

    Susan Floyd