Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Council Renamed It "Gateway" Before They Renamed It for Korean Veterans

In its analysis of Rip Ryman's mission to rename Gateway Boulevard "Korean Veterans Boulevard" (leaving it up to drivers and pedestrians to decide whether the name applies to Koreans or to Americans), the Council Office points out that this Council already voted to rename the Boulevard once last June to "Gateway Boulevard." What a waste of council time and resources that was if the name change passes tonight.

The embrace of Gateway by the Downtown community and by the Metro Council was one of the reasons given at the March 22 Planning Meeting for disapproving Ryman's peculiar memorial to veterans. Does it serve Korean War Veterans in any way for Council Members to force a name change that creates such divisions and fails to bring veterans and civilians together?

UPDATE: Council voted tonight in favor of "Korean Veterans Boulevard." David Briley attempted to ask for a deferral mentioning the confusing signifier and the fact that he had received e-mails from property owners on the Boulevard opposed to the name change. Nonetheless, you may no longer refer to "Gateway" in any form or fashion when driving on that Boulevard.

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