Monday, April 30, 2007

Controversial Schöne Ansicht Investor Yokley Bids to Buy More Salemtown Property Zoned with Duplex-Friendly "R6" from Howard Gentry's Senior Advisor

I found out tonight that properties at the northwest corner of Hume St. and 6th Av., N. are now under contract and the potential buyer is Steve Yokley of UP, LLC, whose Schoene Ansicht development just across 6th Av. has suffered from one controversy after another. The available properties are already zoned duplex-friendly R6, and Mr. Yokley's associate, Taurus McCain asked me not too long ago if I would oppose duplexes on those properties if UP, LLC bought them.

Besides the Schoene Ansicht townhouses, Mr. Yokley has already built duplexes on 5th Av., and he and his fellow Salem Gardens investment group have a request pending Public Hearing tomorrow night to build 6 more duplexes at 6th and Garfield. While Salemtown's neighborhood association supported some of Mr. Yokley's developments, we are vigorously opposing the Salem Gardens request.

The cause against Salem Gardens rezoning for duplexes is now even more urgent, considering that there is nothing stopping Mr. Yokley from putting even more duplexes on the northwest corner of 6th and Hume should the sale go through. A sale would also mean that there is nothing to stop Mr. Yokley from allowing debris from a new construction site on the Hume St. hill to clog once again the 5th and Hume intersection.

The seller and current owner of the parcels is Brooks Parker, who is a major advisor to Vice Mayor (a.k.a., Metro Council Chair) and Mayoral Candidate Howard Gentry. A recent press release from the Gentry campaign calls Mr. Parker a "longtime senior advisor."

UPDATE: Linked Gentry Press release has been removed by the campaign.

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