Monday, April 30, 2007

Don't Vote for This At-Large Candidate in August

An old sailor's warning is appropriate: there be rocks here. Rocks in the head.

Even though he outspokenly challenges illegal immigration, this Metro at-Large candidate says nothing specific about what he would do to stop illegal immigration (truthfully, there is little he could do in Metro Council, since illegal immigration is a federal problem; so, why isn't he running for Congress?).

Hence, we are left to surmise from the video that he would attempt to deny emergency treatment to certain trauma victims (that's not exactly pro-life) and he would attempt to bar children at the school house door (which punishes kids for having no choice as to the family they are born into or as to their parents' choices).

Watch it and remember that if you vote for anyone in August, don't vote for Jim Boyd.

HT: Michael Cass

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  1. So, this blog... 'Enclave Nashville North-By-Northwest' supports the Illegal Immigration Invasion? What other illegalities does this blog support? Rape? Murder? Drunk driving deaths?

    Things that make you go hummmmm....?