Tuesday, April 17, 2007

6th and Garfield Rezoning Public Hearing Two Weeks Away

Which is more balanced: 6 duplexes on 5 properties or 2 duplexes and 3 single-family homes on 5 properties? It's a rhetorical question, but the rezoning of 6th and Garfield pits the Planning Commission backed by the neighborhood association and residents against the outside property investors at 6th and Garfield.

To back the Planning Commission's more balanced plan please attend this meeting:

Tuesday, May 1, 2007 @ 6:00
(Council Meeting starting time)
Metropolitan Courthouse
(corner of 3rd Av. N. and Union St.)

We need a big turnout in order to express opposition to the investors' duplexes at the Public Hearing. Please reserve at least a couple of hours during the evening on May 1, as bills on Public Hearing will come along somewhere in the middle of the meeting.


  1. How many members are in the Salemtown Neighbors Association? What is the criteria for being a member? Was an invitation extended to all of Salemtown residents or just the newer residents on 5th?


  2. You also forgot to ask whether the Planning Commission (which voted 8-0 to deny the 6 duplexes) was legitimately appointed by the Mayor or whether they were picked by "newer residents on 5th."

    If you are seriously interested in learning more about the SNNA, I encourage you to attend our meetings the 4th Monday of each month at 6:30 rather than being a drive-by defender/friend of the developers. Didn't Taurus used to work in MetroCenter, too?

  3. I was specifically asking about the organization. Who's Taurus and what does that have to do with my series of questions? The Planning Commission's vote????. Oh well... It's your blog.

    Thanks for the invite.


  4. I've already said how your series of questions can be answered. We've spent 2 years now in our neighborhood organizing this association and making good-faith attempts to bring people on board. Why should you doubt that?

    I thought that the remark "newer residents on 5th" called for my comment about the Planning Commission, which made a legit decision on behalf of balance over hyper-duplexification. If you question the association's legitimate claims for development balance, maybe you won't doubt the legitimacy of the Planning Commission's decision (unless, of course, you wonder if they are manipulated by newer residents on 5th).

  5. Doubt?? My question(s) were just that. There are neighbors unaware of the association. Some of those people have been there for 30 years or more.


  6. There are neighbors in every neighborhood with associations who are unaware of the associations. That is not an indictment of the association. Over against your anonymous anecdote, I can say that we've had two night-out crime prevention walks (up and down nearly every street in Salemtown) the last two years and I have witnessed members inviting residents who've been here 30 to 40 years to be a part of the association.

    You are an anonymous commenter with no stake in our neighborhood who defends this development group every time I post something against their economic self-interest. In fact, that seems to be the only thing you comment on, despite the fact that I have posted 1,800 times, a majority of which are on numerous issues affecting Salemtown. And now you are using that as pretext to question the intregrity of SNNA with no first-hand knowledge to speak of.

    Call me stupid, but you seem to me to have an ulterior motive or connections to the developers.