Sunday, April 22, 2007

Another Broken Metro Promise?

A neighbor tells me that Metro officials have told her that the gravel/tar put down last week on Salemtown's unpaved alleys is the surface that we are going to have to live with until 2008. If true, that means that Public Works has broken a second promise to the neighborhood.

First, they told us that we would have our alleys paved in 2006. Later, they said that their paving equipment was broken and that it would be Spring 2007. Now, according to the neighbor, the people directing paving say that their equipment is still broken and that we will have to live with gravel/tar until 2008.

I sent an e-mail to the official with oversight of paving alleys, Metro's Don Reid, asking him to verify. I'll keep you posted. How can Metro maintain pavement for months if their paving equipment is broken?

Gravel it as they may, we've seen that gravel quickly turns to dust and mud. This is unsatisfactory.

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