Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's Called "Flexibility," Mister Publisher

Speaking against last night's passage of a bill intended to regulate news rack commerce, one-time at-Large Council Member and current Nashville Scene publisher, Chris Ferrell, is quoted in the Tennessean:
Ferrell, a former councilman, called it "a bad way to govern."
"You don't pass a law intending to rescind it if something better happens," he said.
Why not? I can think of a number of laws that become moot when standard practice fixes the problems that the laws were designed to address. Where is it written that every single code needs to be written with a Hammurabian-like legacy in mind? Some laws need to be forever codified. Some do not.

Corporate officers sometimes show themselves to be just as inflexible as government bureaucrats. Those who've worked in government, at times even more so.

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