Friday, April 06, 2007

Signs of Progress on the Gang Graffiti Front?

Besides a single exhange of gang-related graffiti on properties in January, Salemtown has had to deal with very little gangsta vandalism compared to years past. The one in January was typical of what usually happens: gang members (or wanna-be members) from outside the neighborhood hit first and the local (wanna-be) members hit back on the same properties. To have gone almost four months without more vandalism here is remarkable.

Lately, only a couple of stop signs were hit with outside gang graffiti, and two positive results occurred. One was that the local gang members either didn't see it, don't care any more, or they are gone, because the tag stayed up on the signs for at least a couple of weeks with no retribution. The other positive result was that, after a neighbor reported the vandalism to Metro just a few days ago, a signs employee quickly responded by switching out signs. The Signs Department has given us excellent service for as long as I've lived here.

I do not want to jinx things, but can we say that gang-related vandalism here is on the downswing?

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