Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Roll Call Vote on News Rack Regulation Bill

Listed below is the breakdown of votes on last night's Metro Council resolution to regulate news racks placed on public thoroughfares. None of this year's mayoral candidates voted in favor of the measure (Vice Mayor Howard Gentry--who is reported to have expressed reluctant support for news rack regulation--may only vote to break a tie).

Aye: 27

Carolyn Baldwin Tucker -- at-Large
Adam Dread -- at-Large
Brenda Gilmore -- Dist. 1
Walter Hunt -- Dist. 3
Michael Craddock -- Dist. 4
Pam Murray --Dist. 5
Mike Jameson -- Dist. 6
Erik Cole -- Dist. 7
Jason Hart -- Dist. 8
Jim Forkum -- Dist. 9
Feller Brown -- Dist. 11
Jim Gotto -- Dist. 12
Carl Burch -- Dist. 13
Harold White -- Dist. 14
J.B. Loring -- Dist. 15
Anna Page -- Dist. 16
Ginger Pepper -- Dist. 18
Ludye Wallace -- Dist. 19
Ed Whitmore -- Dist. 21
Emily Evans -- Dist. 23
John Summers -- Dist. 24
Jason Alexander -- Dist. 28
Vivian Wilhoite -- Dist. 29
Sam Coleman --Dist. 32
Robert Duvall -- Dist. 33
Lynn Williams -- Dist. 34
Charlie Tygard -- Dist. 35

No: 8

David Briley -- at-Large
Jamie Isabel -- Dist. 2
Billy Joe Walls -- Dist. 20
Jim Shulman -- Dist. 25
Greg Adkins -- Dist. 26
Randy Foster -- Dist. 27
Jim Hodge -- Dist. 30
Parker Toler -- Dist. 31

Abstain: 4

Buck Dozier -- at-Large
Diane Neighbors -- at-Large
Rip Ryman -- Dist. 10
Ronnie Greer -- Dist. 17

Absent: 1

Eric Crafton -- Dist. 22


  1. Briley's vote kind of surprises me because Jameson is his campaign Chairman.

  2. It might surprise you to know that most candidates and their campaign staff don't agree on many subjects. I am sure Councilman Jameson and Councilman Briley are no different and its irrelevant as long as they both agree that David Briley is best suited to be Nashville's next Mayor (which appears to be the case).

    I am surprised to see no kudos to David Briley and Carolyn Baldwin Tucker for at least voting and not abstaining like Mayoral candidate Buck Dozier and Vice-Mayoral candidate Diane Neighbors. I'd respect these two gutless candidates much more if they at least took a stand I didn't agree with. With the Mayor's race only 3 1/2 months away, when are you bloggers and media types going to start asking all the candidates where they stand? Will the next Mayor be someone who didn't have to answer the hard questions because he wasn't it office while running for Mayor?