Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Say What? A Drunk Driving Fatality Last Friday and Illegal Immigration Was Not the Cause?

This morning's relatively sedate Tennessean back-page headline on a fatal wreck in Franklin last week:

Police say drinking a factor in fatality

There was no explicit reference, let alone a screaming headline, on the immigration status of the intoxicated driver, Jeremiah McPherson (who could be a Scottish alien, given his surname; he does work in the construction industry just like many Nashville Hispanics do).

The other mainstream daily, the Nashville City Paper, has ignored this story for three days running, instead focusing on "illegal immigrant drunken drivers who kill couples" and the restructuring they cause in "Nashville's relationship with its foreign born residents arrested for criminal activity." CP reporter Jared Allen doesn't seem to be biting on the Franklin fatality lede; is the reason because a Mexican ain't involved in the carnage and there is no way to spin it into the standard CP promotional press for the future political aspirations of Davidson Co. Sheriff Daron Hall?

I guess we can assume that this accident never would have happened if Mr. McPherson had been a Mexican national who had stayed in Mexico instead of placing himself behind the wheel of a car in Nashville on Friday. Blame it on immigration. It is the easy catch-all for our ills.

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