Saturday, April 07, 2007

Looking at Ford's Hybrid Escape

Last week we test drove Ford's Escape SUV, which is our first bid to wade into the hybrid market. The Hybrid Escape gets 34 mpg city/30 mpg hwy. With two kids we cannot settle for "light-duty" hybrids like the Toyota Prius, but we do intend to do our part to cut down on our CO2 emissions while keeping a Wrangler for more recreational activities (my 2002 Wrangler has 26,000 miles on it; so, more limited use seems to be a fair CO2 trade-off for a gas-guzzling recreational/utilitarian vehicle like the Wrangler; S-townWife acts as if I will be permanently consigned to her doghouse if I lose the Wrangler without replacing it with another Wrangler).

I told the Ford monger at the dealership that it is only a matter of time before popular demand pushes companies like his to take the full plunge with both feet into the hybrid market. A post from R. Neal this morning on the bright spot for hybrid-makers in an otherwise dismal car market bears me out.


  1. you'd think that the American automobile industry would read the tea leaves and get out in front of this. My friends in Alabama who just purchased a Prius are more than pleased. I haven't heard much about the Ford hybrid, but I'm gonna have to wait until something comes out that's more in our price range..c'mon Amurican car makers..YOU can do it!

  2. PS. Let me know when you wanna get rid of the Wrangler (o: