Monday, April 30, 2007

Salemtown Set for Council Showdown

Salemtown Neighbors members are making some final rounds through the North End tonight getting as many signatures as possible in support of the Planning Commission's rejection of Salem Gardens investors' request to zone 5 properties at 6th and Garfield for 6 duplexes. Signers of the petition include people who have moved to Salemtown recently and residents who have lived here for as many as 40 years. The petition will be handed to Metro Council by Salemtown leaders during the Public Hearing on the zoning request at tomorrow night's Court House meeting. A contingent of Salemtown residents has committed to meet at the Public Square tomorrow night at 5:45 and speak against the 6-duplex-plan during the Public Hearing. If you need directions or a ride to the Court House, just e-mail me.

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