Friday, April 06, 2007

What "Liberal" News Media? CNN is Fox News II

Mary over at Liberadio accuses CNN of carrying Fox's water for its double-standardized treatment of Nancy Pelosi's trip to Syria. The whole Pelosi flack is a tempest in a teapot given Republican visits and the fact that lots of American women leaders cover their heads out of respect when meeting Muslim leaders:

I'll add to Mary's points that I watched CNN's coverage this morning of the British sailors returned to their homeland by Iran and the pressures that they faced in their imprisonment. Without defending Iran's actions, I can say that I found the anchors' comments after the sailors' news conference full of maudlin focus on the "pressure" that they faced while imprisoned. And CNN's tone made me wonder if the Bush Administration's defense of torture techniques like water-boarding or its despotic willingness to haul in any American without due process had inspired such pathos and gravitas from CNN last year. I remember more detached indifference in those reports. CNN should express shock and aversion to the mistreatment of prisoners on any shore, and even more towards countries like ours that claim to embrace the constitutional protection of human rights.

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