Tuesday, April 10, 2007

One Coded Headline Deserves Another: Black-Shirted Commandos Rip Undocumented Mothers From Their Innocent Children & Ship Them Thousands of Miles Away

The coded headlines regarding the Garcia trial continued this morning:

25 years for immigrant drunken driver whose last crash killed couple

To continue the encode in my response: the right-leaning, white-bread publication run by a bow-tied white-male editor continues to try to appeal to the most reactionary common denominator that whips social conservatives up into a frothy readership.

To balance out the pejorative thrust of the mainstream media, I give you a report on 600 ICE agents raiding a Massachusetts sweat-shop last month. The G-men swept up 200 undocumented workers, loaded them quickly on to airplanes, and shipped them faster than FedEx would to Texas all in the record time of 50 hours before a judge stepped in with a restraining order for the sake of the mothers in the group. Despite the fact that many of the workers--who stitched back packs and survival packs destined for the U.S. military--were mothers with children at home, ICE agents did not allow them to make any arrangements for the care of their children before basically kidnapping them. One pregnant mother was even forced to sit shackled for 14 hours during the trip.

Another way to code the headline on the New England raid story consistent with the coding in the CP Headline this morning is:

Racial Profiling Immigration Agency Detains and Ships Off Gainfully Employed Mexicans in Massachusetts Without Any Indication That They Were Drunken Drivers Who Killed Couples

One pejorative code deserves another until the mainstream media chooses journalistic balance over tabloid sensationalism.

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