Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ludye Wallace's Fence Bill Up for 4,989th Reading Tonight

Ludye Wallace brings his road weary fence bill up for third (but probably not final) reading tonight in spite of the council office's warning:
This ordinance could result in a substantial cost to the Metropolitan Government, especially schools, if Metro facilities were required to have stone, brick or wood fences. A list of all arterial and collector streets, as well as a map showing the streets, has previously been provided to the council.
Is any Council Member really listening, or have the constant stream of Wallace-sponsored bill deferrals lulled and dulled their senses so that Ludye can sneak this one past?

I remember when this bill was just a Spring 2005 sprout (before it was re-packaged and amended), and we were trying to pull it up by the roots. Ah, the good ole days.

UPDATE: Deferred again at tonight's meeting. DOH!

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