Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Fury of the Scorned?

Is this sour grapes? Is former Metro School Board stand-in and perennial public education critic Kay Brooks gunning for Mayoral Candidate David Briley because he was not one of the sixteen who voted to put her in the vacant seat last year over the wishes of voters in her district?

Ms. Brooks waves her red flag over Mr. Briley's future choices for his 4-year-old son's education setting up that decision as "son's opportunities" (good!) vs. "public education" (bad!). Quite naturally that drew hypocrisy charges from a commenter, who wrote:
During your tenure and candidacy for school board, you maintained that the fact that your children aren't in public schools was irrelevant. So what possible bearing could the Brileys' son's future school have on his dad's candidacy for mayor?
It has no bearing; just like the fact that Kay Brooks homeschooled had no bearing.

But I'm not aware that David Briley has ever expressed the same animosity toward and detachment from public education that Kay Brooks did before her placement on the school board. When he does, then that will have bearing.

Kay Brooks seems to be going passive aggressive on Mr. Briley about future decisions he may or may not make regarding his son, based on her own preconceived agenda. Or could it be based on Mr. Briley's decision not to vote for her confirmation last year?

I think her evaluation of Mayoral Candidate Buck Dozier will be telling. He was one of the sixteen (a group that was, according to Ms. Brooks, "so concerned for the children in our school system that they dared to ... vote for my appointment"), and we'll be keeping an eye open for her treatment of his candidacy.

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  1. Ms. Brooks is shrew and a complainer who always cites problems but never seems to have a solution for any of them. While I agree that those running on the platform of improving our schools have the personal investment of their own children in said schools such as Purcell did, it was Kay Brooks who also brought up Gracie Porter's crummy TCAP scores at the school where she was principal without divulging any of her own home-schooled children's scores for comparison. Which makes Kay Brooks the kind of politician she claims to so detest.