Tuesday, April 03, 2007


The controversial request by the Salem Gardens partnership to rezone 5 properties for 6 duplexes was brought up and almost pulled off the "consent agenda" tonight by Council Member Ludye Wallace with the stated intention of introducing a substitute bill that included the Planning Commission's recommendation that the R6 (duplex) request be changed to RS7.5 (single family homes). The Chair also stated that Council Member Lynn Williams was also offering a substitute bill along the same lines. There was some confusion during that discussion as to whether the substitute needed to be introduced at tonight's meeting on first reading or whether it could wait. A council advisor told Ludye that it could wait, and so BL2007-1422 was left on the consent agenda and passed on first reading.

If either Ludye or another Council Member does in fact follow through with the substitute, then this is excellent news for the Salemtown neighborhood. We don't yet have the actual substitute in hand, so keep signing those petitions against R6 and for RS7.5, and save the date of May 1 to attend the Public Hearing on BL2007-1422.

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  1. this sounds like good news.

    I'm guessing the Salem Mud Baths are being formed once again down at your corner. I am expecting full enclave media coverage.