Friday, August 04, 2006

City Paper Miscues Yet Again

A month ago I first heard about MDHA's cutbacks and lay offs from the community planner who works with our citizen block grant committee, so I was not surprised to see the story in this morning's Nashville City Paper.

I also was not surprised to see another NCP journalistic lapse, which was first identified by a member of the Nashville Charrette this morning. The original copy incorrectly reported that Joe Cain, "a primary player in the Development Office," had lost his job. In a scene reminiscent of an erroneous story on North End gangs, the NCP webmaster scrubbed their site of the following error that still appears in today's hard copy:
In addition, Joe Cain, director of real estate, lost his job in the downsizing.
Why doesn't NCP ever feel the need to post a correction rather than just a deletion of serious factual errors on the website? If past form holds, we won't see a correction in hard copy for days and when it does come it will be buried somewhere in back.


  1. Check out today's (8/7) City Paper for the correction on the City Voices page, 6. It says " In our Friday, Aug. 4 edition, we reported that MDHA employee Joe Cain had lost his job in a downsizing. He did not. We regret the error."
    This is where they have always acknowledged corrections.

  2. If by "always" you mean, "except for March 01, 2006, when their correction was buried on page 15 in a column with an entirely unrelated title," then you are correct. I am sure there are other exceptions to the term "always" in anon's otherwise sweeping generalization.