Friday, August 25, 2006


[The] experience of having two (or more) things happen coincidentally in a manner that is meaningful to the person or persons experiencing them, where that meaning suggests an underlying pattern. [Source]
This morning I was driving past Marathon Village listening to Lightning 100. Down the road, about two blocks in front of me, I noticed a truck that looked either jack-knifed or stalled as it was making a turn out of my lane on to a side street. I also saw that cars were beginning to back up behind and in front of it. At that point I was faced with a decision to either 1) keep going and wait or possibly go around it (which others were doing) or 2) pull a u-turn and circle the block. I made the choice against the u-turn and drove foward as a Shawn Mullins tune cranked up on the "Adult Alternative." I pulled up over the curb into a vacant lot past other cars waiting behind the truck. As I passed the trailer to turn right and continue on a side street, Shawn was breaking into his lines:
I’ve lost count of the times I’ve given up on you
But you make such a beautiful wreck you do
I glanced back past the trailer and I saw that a glossy, clean, black, V-Series Cadillac had smashed its front corner up underneath the passenger-side bumper of the truck. It didn't look like anyone was hurt, but it did look like a beautiful wreck.


  1. It is pretty sick to take glee in someone having a wreck.

  2. You confuse uncanniness with glee.