Sunday, August 20, 2006

Re-Greening Efforts in Bicentennial Mall Now Visible

Recently, I introduced you to Friends of Bicentennial Mall and their efforts along with Gardens of Babylon and the State of Tennessee to save many of the state park's trees, which have been damaged by acid rain, pollution, and a lack of "good bacteria" in the park's compacted soil. Try as I might, my camera does not really capture the scope of the affected trees' plight as does the naked eye.

The next time you visit Bicentennial Mall, take note of the blighted trees, which have the small, laminated Gardens of Babylon cards attached to their trunks. You can drop by Gardens--just a stone's throw away in the Farmers Market--to thank them both in words and in deeds of patronizing their business. (Those of you who strive to protect our environment and natural resources will be glad to know that Gardens is committed to "green," natural approaches to doing business). I hope that you will also consider joining Friends of Bicentennial Mall, which is spearheading this whole effort to save and to protect the park's flora for ourselves and our posterity.

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