Thursday, August 03, 2006

NewsChannel5 Does Not Seem to Know Its School Districts From a Hole in the Ground

There I was a few minutes ago thinking about how great it was to be watching the minute-by-minute local election coverage on Channel 5+ (and all Steve-Gill-free!). Then as Chris Clark and Pat Nolan began to discuss the local school district races shortly before 8:00, up popped a NewsChannel5 map of the Davidson County School Districts with the numbers in the wrong places. The picture inset here is the correct MNPS map.

While Pat Nolan was talking about Gracie Porter's lead in east Nashville's District 5 race, the map had District 5 in west Nashville's District 1. District 1 was put where District 3 is in far north Davidson; and the map mislabeled District 5 as District 3. If that weren't bad enough, Districts 2 and 6 were flipped on NewsChannel5's map.

There I was ready to talk about how great their coverage is and 5+ cannot even manage to get their own local school districts labeled correctly. If they cannot call the districts correctly, how can I be sure that they're calling the races correctly?


  1. Oh I am so glad you figured that out and explained it to me. Because I had been just glancing at their online map -- similarly screwed up -- and I had only looked at my own number. I couldn't figure out how my East Nashville neighborhood fit into the map in what they had labeled as 5 -- the Whites Creek area as far as I can tell. But now that you point out that it's actually District 1, it makes lots more sense. :)

  2. Yeah, for a second I was trying to figure out how I got to vote for District 2 when I live in (according to Channel 5) District 6.