Sunday, August 06, 2006

Proposed 8th & Hume Development Goes Before the Planning Commission This Week

The Metro Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Thursday, August 10 (4:00) on requested zoning changes for a proposed development at 8th Av. & Hume St. in Salemtown right next to the Werthan Complex. I provided the details on the proposed development last January, and Core Development attended a Salemtown Neighbors meeting to discuss their plans with the association. I understand that the plans have not changed and that they have been approved by a design review committee. The plans are mixed-use and they include lofts and townhomes.

I see no reason to object to this at the Planning Commission on Thursday, unless the Planning Department sees problems that I have missed. The wild card is as always Council member Ludye Wallace, if he attends Thursday. If approved by both the Planning Commission and the Metro Council, the project will undergo detailed planning in 2008.

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