Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Nominations for Names of the North End's First True Coffee House

Not that there are any plans for a North End coffee house (and I mean a literal "house") any time soon, but I was just dreaming over my triple breve this morning at Portland Brews:
  1. Butchertown Brews (a hat-tip to one of the North End's old names)
  2. Wariotto Coffee Mill (a hat-tip to one of the old Werthan Cotton Mill's older names)


  1. I thought "fo shizzle" you were going to suggest "The Coffee Hizzouse"...but, I actually like the second choice: The Wariotto Coffee Mill.

  2. That's perfect! I knew it was in there somewhere. Will you be coming up with the menu offerings as well?

  3. I love visiting coffee houses!