Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Planning Commissioner Criticizes Commission's Handling of LED Bill

While one Planning official said several weeks ago that proper procedure was followed in the Planning Commission's original public hearing on Charlie Tygard's LED bill, the Commission member who asked for a second public hearing to be held the day after tomorrow suggests to the City Paper that the spirit of the procedure was not followed:

The first time the bill went through the Planning Commission last month, it passed on consent without any public comments.

Planning Commission member Stewart Clifton said that was a mistake.

“We didn’t ask enough questions,” said Clifton, who requested the issue be addressed again at Thursday’s meeting. “To be honest we dropped the ball. It’s nobody’s fault but the Commission’s. We had letters and comments from those in the community.”

The Planning Commission's public hearing for a council bill that would allow commercial-style digital LED signs on neighborhood streets (including Garfield, Buchanan, and Rosa Parks in Salemtown) will be held this Thursday (03/27) at 4:00 at

Metro Southeast at Genesco Park
1417 Murfreesboro Road

The Planning Department is recommending disapproval to the Commission, saying that the bill fails to "adequately safeguard neighborhoods" against the commercial, big-box-style signs that have previously been prohibited in neighborhoods.

Please keep in mind that if you want to speak on this bill in public hearing, you should plan on showing up before the meeting starts and putting your name on a card to turn in to the Commission, which will recognize you during the hearing of the bill. It's a different process than Metro Council's public hearings.

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