Monday, March 31, 2008

Pro-LED, Conservative NBC PAC Lobbies Metro Council for BZA Appointment on Law Firm Letterhead

In an email sent to Metro Council earlier today the Chairman of the conservative business PAC, Nashville Business Coalition, encouraged council members to vote for the PAC's candidate to join the Board of Zoning Appeals. Chair Dan Haskell wrote the following memo to council members using the letterhead of his employer, the Law Offices of Gullett, Sanford, Robinson, & Martin, PLLC:

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The Board of Zoning Appeals has responsibility for approving and disapproving LED signs among other variances and exceptions to codes, so placing someone beholden to the NBC PAC on the BZA looks like a strike against community quality of life, which NBC has shown a willingness to sacrifice in the name of the growth that they assume occurs with light emitting diodes.

In the meantime, consider Chairman Haskell's employer's self-description:
Members of the firm routinely engage in matters involving litigation, business and commercial transactions, issues involving employers and employees, insolvency proceedings, wills and estates, real property transactions, and government relations, among other matters.
Does it seem inappropriate that the NBC Chair is using official firm stationary to lobby for an appointment that may benefit the firm in future government proceedings (as well as NBC) should Metro Council approve?

UPDATE: NBC's endorsed candidate, Chris Whitson, is also a lawyer with a concentration in corporate representation. He is with the firm of Sherrard & Roe, a self-described "full-service business law practice." That's not exactly inspiring for neighborhoods concerned about corporate growth overrunning local communities.

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