Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Next Week's Council Meeting Does NOT Include LED Third Reading

Next Tuesday's Metro Council agenda is out and Charlie Tygard's LEDs-for-neighborhoods bill is not in the mix (it was indefinitely deferred at the public hearing). He could still introduce the bill late by asking for a suspension of the rules, but does so at a procedural risk: it only takes one objection to suspending the rules to deny the co-sponsor the chance to bring the bill up for third reading. And I can imagine several opposing Council Members any one of whom would likely object to allowing the bill to go to a final reading as things currently stand. So, it looks like opponents have a little under 3 weeks (before LED could surface again) to continue to work on encouraging a significant number of Council Members to vote against this flawed, pro-growth, anti-neighborhood bill. If your Council Member is either wavering or planning on voting for Tygard's bill, please ask him or her to hold a community meeting for feedback and to invite the bill co-sponsors to come and answer questions, especially concerning streets in your neighborhood that would be eligible for such signage.

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