Friday, March 28, 2008

Kind of Cryptic

The first I've heard of this meeting a week from tomorrow was in reading the following snail-mail notice arriving today:

I'm thankful that at least CM Gilmore is making the effort to have community meetings about developments, which is more than we got from the previous CM, but so many questions come to mind:
  • Why was this meeting not held closer to or in Salemtown (like at the Morgan Park Community Center or at the Randee Rogers Training Center)?
  • Why hasn't the neighborhood association been brought on board ahead of time regarding the subject matter?
  • Who are the developers proposing a project "for the residents of Salemtown?" We've had several developers in the past say they were building for the good of the community, when they did not end up doing so.
  • Will two hours be enough time on April 5 to get feedback from Salemtown residents on the development?
  • Is the subject the block grant streetscape plan? If so, why is the committee elected from the neighborhood to work on that plan not being brought on board ahead of time?


  1. Who were the contributors to hers' and her mothers' campaigns? Have you followed the $$?

  2. Anyone who has read this blog over time is aware that I do keep my eye on campaign contributions, and while I have not checked each member's financial record, if I perceive an alliance with a particular private investor, I will follow up to see if there were campaign contributions that appear to grease that alliance.