Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chinese Pig Guts with That Blood Thinner: Further Evidence that "Free" Trade Means "Hazarardous" Trade

The Chicago Tribune reports today that allergic reactions and deaths from those taking a prescribed blood thinner may be due to possible tampering with the drug in the unregulated supply chain in China.

That's the catch-22 with "free" trade. It primarily means "free" from regulations designed to protect the general welfare.


  1. This is disturbing. As we all know, there hasn't been an instance of a US made drug being recalled in the history of the FDA, so to find out that the FDA is just now finally being utilized, and having to be used for a Chinese chemical, is problematic. I'm glad you and Lou Dobbs are looking out for us.

  2. Lou Dobbs has been mentioned on this website once in 3 years. And it was highly unflattering.

    Enclave readers know my progressive, unDobbsian stance on immigration as well as my unwillingness to watch the term "progress" be wrenched to include anything at all, not to mention subjects that are clearly not progressive for ordinary people--regardless of borders--with no large money investment in "free" trade.

  3. Mike, You and Lou seem to see eye-to-eye on trade issues...and your post yesterday on immigration (though you masked it in an argument against "free trade") seemed very Dobbsian.

  4. I can understand how it would seem that way to you. It does not seem that way to me.