Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nashville One of the LEAST Walkable Cities in Tennessee

At least we finished ahead (barely) of those car havens of Hendersonville and Clarksville. Nashville is seventh with this judgment by
While it has the 2nd-highest percentage of walking professionals, it also has the 2nd-highest crime rating in the state and the fewest fitness walkers.
Memphis finished #1--because of its wide sidewalks set back from traffic--and #73 in the US. Chattanooga, which has the highest percentage of people who use mass transit and the 2nd-lowest number of cars per household in Tennessee, was #2.

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  1. Memphis is #1 on at least two things. They are #1 in crime and #1 in walking. This is something to be proud about or is it? Walking in harms way. Their ranking should have included the safest cities to walk in determining their final list.