Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Free Trade" Becomes the New "Slave Trade" in the "New South"

Bizgrrl makes the catch.

Some progressives will suggest you shouldn't muckrake free trade, lest you set your own locks on liberalism. Their Orwellian argument: free trade is progress. I'm sure that some early 19th century liberals argued the same thing about chattel slavery. Just ignore what's happening down in Mississippi in 2008. It bears no resemblance to anything that has ever happened in history. Everything is different now. I'm sure Upton Sinclair would agree.

UPDATE: C-squared has his own observations, drawing parallels with black market sexploitation. It should make the "free" traders spit the bit.

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  1. Seems we are on the same page today. I will link to this in my post today.
    (whats interesting to me is that we apparently were writing our pieces at about the same time...)