Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Judge Rules that Homeland Security Must Negotiate Fair Price Before Taking Land to Build Border Wall

The TO blog has the scoop on reigning in Bush Administration will-to-power:

“[Homeland Security Chief Michael] Chertoff didn’t follow the law,” said [Dr. Eloisa] Tamez. “It’s important that Homeland Security engage in negotiations. The Constitution can work if it is followed.”

Tamez said that Judge Hanen has given Homeland Security until March 21 to negotiate a fair price. “I am assuming they are going to make the first move,” she said ....

Tamez is a Spanish land grant heir. Her family was granted 12,000 acres of land in the 17th century. Tamez inherited three acres of the original parcel, which she planned to leave to her children and grandchildren.

That news almost harkens back to when we were a nation of laws.

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